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A birth chart reading, at its best, provides permission and freedom to embrace the gritty truth of who you are. It might reveal something new to you, but it’s more likely to clarify what you already know in your bones — what’s built into you, but perhaps buried, denied, or resisted for whatever ways it defies your presumed “shoulds.”

We call it a “reading” because astrology is a language, and a birth chart is a story. When I read a birth chart, I’m looking for the core story that anchors it: the central themes and narratives it seems to spin from multiple angles, which divulge the specificities of your needs, values, fears, and cravings. There tends to be a gentle moral at the center — a lesson you’re here to learn, if you’re willing. 

In your reading, I’ll explore these foundations with you. I’ll also touch on a few of the most important transits you’re currently undergoing, which help convey where you’re at in your personal plot line and what particular constraints or invitations you might presently be experiencing.


I’m not a whole-head-in-the-stars kind of human. I’m interested in astrology as a tool for earthly grounding — not the only tool, but one that pairs beautifully with other systems (like coaching, therapy, journaling, and even personality quizzes) to help unearth and examine important bits of personal truth, path, and purpose.

I’m not a fortune-teller, either, though I do call on my intuition. I’m just your weird friend who spent way too many hours geeking out over this complex language, so I can understand and share the juicy stuff with you.

And I avoid implying causation in my readings. I don’t see astrological events as instigations (or explanations) of our lived experiences, but as moments of alignment. To explain: humans are products of nature, and nature functions as a complex system of interconnected species and biomes and repeated patterns. We knew this intimately in the early days of our evolution, when the sky was our primary technology for determining where we were and where we were headed. When we apply astrological wisdom today, we remember that we’re built for correlation with the natural shifts of the earth and universe; that the stars have always contained coded information to help us move forward. Mercury Retrograde will never “make you” lose your phone, but to lose your phone during Mercury Retrograde is to remember that you’re tugged — and thus, sometimes in surprising ways, held — by life’s larger rhythms.



Readings take approximately 50-60 minutes and are held via Zoom (though a basic phone call is also an option, if that’s what you prefer). I’ll send you the recording afterwards, along with a typed outline of notes in case you want to refer back to what was said or dig deeper into any of the technicalities I might have mentioned.

Sliding scale pricing is available for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and/or disabled folks as needed — please email to inquire. 


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